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WHA Workshops March 3, 2018
a family adventure!
Homeschooling in Whatcom County . . .
     Session A  8:30-9:30
A-1  Math is Patterns Take a tour through some amazing patterns in math.  From basic computation to Algebra, Geometry and beyond.  See some patterns that will continuously appear in life and learn about the math that explains them.  This course is for those who do not love math, as well as for those who do.  The math will be aimed at all levels, from those who like picture books to those interested in calculus.   Ronda Webber, trained as a high school math and music instructor, has taught public school high school for 8 years and trained with the NW Math Interactions team teaching teachers how to teach math through hands-on lessons.  She is a respected conference speaker and her math clubs are very popular with homeschool families.  She homeschooled both of her children (18 and 20).

A-2  Deep Ideas and Hymns for Kids Music, rhyme, and hymns are GREAT ways to introduce kids to tough vocabulary and deep and difficult thinking, AND give them some solid theology to hang on to when times are hard. Molly Crocker works with Children’s Ministries at  Good News Fellowship Church in Ferndale.  {Christian oriented}

A-3  Learning Styles There are naturally different ways that people learn, different keys to engaging the mind to remember facts and to process information.  Learn four basic styles of learning, how to identify them, and how you and your student can remove the road blocks that hinder their academic success.   Julie Sessions, certificated teacher, homeschooled four, teacher of WCC’s homeschool qualifying course, and co-founder of WHA.

A-4  Preparing for College  If you have questions about diplomas, transcripts, applying for college, timelines for the application process and the alphabet soup of PSAT, SAT, SATII and FAFSA--then this is the workshop for you.  Steve Banham, homeschooling 28 years, father of 6 boys and 6 girls (aged 13-33), the oldest six of whom have so far earned six Bachelors Degrees, two Masters Degrees and one PhD.  Two more are currently working toward undergraduate degrees at the University of Washington.

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     Session B  9:45-10:45
B-1  Fun Books For Math  It is said that families should surround themselves with books so that an appreciation of literature will be formed from birth.  Come find out about several books that will lead to an appreciation of mathematical ideas while also being a part of your literature collection.  The age range for the books will be birth through adult.  Many of the books will be available to look through and a list will be provided so you do not have to write down or remember all of them.  Ronda Webber (see A-1 above).

B-2  Taming Algebra:  Making the Abstract Understandable Is your teen ready for Algebra but struggling with those abstract x’s and y’s? Here’s how to keep him from hitting a brick wall.  This workshop makes the basic principles of algebra easy and fun—with ideas that even a novice can use to simplify, clarify, and make the lights come on!  Stories to encourage you, and ideas to help, from a homeschool mom and math geek whose favorite subject is Algebra!  Chris Elzea has 30+ years of teaching experience and has been specializing in math education for the last 13.  She currently does math assessments, math tutoring, and teaches small math classes in her home.

B-3  Learning All the Time  Explore what it means to let your child's curiosity and interests drive learning at your house. Unschooling, or natural learning, creates a world where learning is joyful, interesting and full of surprises. Lisa Goebel, 15 years homeschooling three children, ages 14-21, will share what she and her husband have learned from incorporating the ideas of unschooling into their family's daily life.

B-4  High School Options  Homeschooling throughout the teen years, part-time schooling, and return to public school after homeschooling will be discussed, including looking ahead to post-high school.   Julie Sessions (see A-3)

B-5  Speech: Confident Speaking  Change fear of public speaking into confidence, poise, and an impacting message. Hear about components of speech writing, presentation skills, and competitive opportunities for students age 12-18. Our local EPIC Speech club is a part of the National Christian Forensics and Communications Association. Expect to hear engaging and entertaining speeches from homeschool students! Stephanie Jonson, homeschool mom with members of EPIC.

     Session C  11:00-12:00
C-1  Navigating the Homeschool High School Years  Panel of seven homeschool mothers, with a combined over 85 years of experience, discussing homeschooling during the teen years and beyond.  Julie Goebel, Margot Worthy, Barb Davis-Pyles, Carolyn Winslow, Connie Koepp, Sara Dennis, and Lisa Goebel.

C-2  Taking the ‘Negative’ out of Negative Numbers (and other essential concepts in Pre-Algebra) A solid foundation in Pre-Algebra, especially all those negative number operations, is critical for success in Algebra.  Here’s how make it all so easy to understand that a fourth grader could handle it!  Time-tested ideas from a local math specialist that make math a positive experience, even if you’re teaching negative numbers!   Chris Elzea (see B-2).

C-3  Creating Engaged Writers Learn a variety of activities that engage young writers (grades 6-9).  Come prepared to get up and move around, use words in a fun way, and see how your writing can be fun AND effective.  Sue Likkel has been teaching Language Arts for 25 years.  Her love for the subject is infectious and kids catch the enthusiasm. Through a variety of techniques and skills, Sue shows how she teaches kids grammar, vocabulary, and writing in ways that hook kids and make them willing English students.  She is currently teaching at Zacchaeus Learning Opportunities.

C-4  Debate: More than Arguing  Can your students think critically, listen attentively, take detailed notes, research and write, analyze arguments, and speak confidently in front of any size audience? Hear how debate grows these skills through preparation, collaboration, and competition. Debate transforms lives and shapes futures like no other academic activity while providing credit in social studies and public speaking. Erik Jonson and Shawn Morton, debate leaders and homeschool dads, with members of EPIC – a local Christian Homeschool NCFCA team.

     Session D  1:15-2:15
D-1  Math Facts, Tables, and Calculators Math facts ARE the key to math fluency, but what about the kid who cannot seem to learn them? If your child OR you struggle with this, then learn how math tables can help and when calculators are appropriate. Molly Crocker is administrator of Zacchaeus Learning Opportunities, has worked with homeschoolers since 1994, and has taught math from K to adults.

D-2  Science Is A Great Group Activity! We will have fun ultimately playing a game of tug of war but not until we get out our lab books and go through the first three steps of the Scientific Method.  We will get to write up a conclusion at the end.  Writing can be fun. Heather Hadfield has a degree in Mathematics and taught school for 5 years. Homeschooling her four oldest kids for 16 years, she found that science was not happening on a regular basis.  “I know how important science is, so we grabbed some friends and had weekly or bi-weekly science clubs.  Science is so much better in a group because we learn from each other by pushing each other to think further with the assorted questions that come out in group discussions.”  Heather is currently teaching math and science at Zacchaeus Learning Opportunities.

D-3  Making Art with Children  I am always looking for ways to create with my kids. We have used all kids of spaces to make art; sometimes you will find us in the kitchen, or the garage, or outside. Come learn about the many places and ways to satisfy your young artist!  We will spend the first twenty minutes going over the creative development of children. Then we will look at projects, materials, and tools so you can enjoy creating at any time with your young artists!  Julie Goebel has taught homeschoolers, public school, and private school.  Long ago, she earned a BFA in painting and a MA in Art Education.

D-4 Are We Doing Enough? Learn how to gauge the effectiveness of your homeschooling. Get answers for "Are we doing enough?” “How does what we are doing stack up?” “Are there other ways to educate at home we might like better?” Diana McAlister has worked with assessing thousands of homeschooled children and programs over the last 35 years.  {Christian oriented}
     Session E  2:30-3:30
E-1  Games To Enhance Mathematical Thinking  Math is patterns; many games rely on patterns.  Come see and experience several games that connect to different levels of mathematics.  Some of the games are commercialized and probably best purchased, others are easy to make home versions, and several just require basic items from the home.  Learn how different games are related to one another and how playing games can help with pattern recognition.  A list of games will be provided.  Ronda Webber (see A-1).

E-2  Recognizing Visual Problems When Learning This workshop teaches  parents what functional vision problems are, and how to recognize them when working with their children in the home school environment.  Dr. Peter Charron is a developmental optometrist in Bellingham with the Northwest Vision Development Center.  He specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of visual problems that impede reading and learning.

E-3  Train Your Brain to Retain: Learning Grammar Using the Classical Method  Come learn the basics of classical education and why it is a great way to tackle learning any subject.  The first step of learning anything is to be able to remember it!  We will talk about why memorization is an important tool in a child's toolbox, and explore memorization techniques for storing any type of information in long-term storage.  Kids aside, this workshop is helpful even for forgetful mamas!  Christy Conant is more surprised than anyone that she's a homeschooling mama; but she's been classically educating her kids for 4 years through Classical Conversations and loves it!  She is currently the director of Classical Conversations of Bellingham.