Whatcom Homeschool Association is a network of over four hundred families supporting each other in the adventure of homeschooling in Whatcom County, the northwest corner of Washington State.  The independent spirit of homeschool families coupled with a twenty-five-year-old support group combine with positive community relations to provide a richness of learning opportunities.

Homeschooling in Whatcom County has many faces.  It looks like children in the woods exploring the wonder of the natural world, kids sitting around the kitchen table pouring through lessons, young people working alongside a parent on a project, and a family in their living room listening to a book being read aloud. 

Officially, homeschooling is parents taking direct, active responsibility for the education of their children.  To assure their children the widest variety of learning experiences, homeschooling parents may incorporate community classes, tutors,
a family adventure!
Homeschooling in Whatcom County . . .
Meeting Calendar   2015-2016

Sep. 8  How to get started homeschooling
Oct. 13 Panel of experienced homeschoolers
Nov. 10 Mom’s Night Out
Dec. 8  Christmas Program
Jan. 12 Family craft night
Feb. 9  Panel: adults who were homeschooled
Mar. 12 WHA Workshops
Apr. 12 Groups, clubs, coops, etc.
May 10 Spring Variety Show

Whatcom Homeschool Association
on average, homeschooled students perform at least one grade level higher than public school students in the elementary years, and as much as four grade levels higher in the teen years.  Homeschoolers in Washington State proceed to colleges, universities, community colleges, and career employment with outstanding success, usually without a state-approved high school diploma.

Whatcom Homeschool Association exists to support parents taking responsibility for the education of their children.  Whatcom Homeschool Association is operated completely by volunteers who want to see families grow closer through learning together.  If you would like more information about Whatcom Homeschool Association, please email us.
apprenticeships, volunteering, and public school classes, extra-curricular activities (e.g. fine arts and sports), and ancillary services (e.g. speech therapy).

Each family exercises creativity and ingenuity to find the learning method and resources that work best for them, sharing their discoveries with others along the way.  The strength of Whatcom
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Homeschool Association and the success of homeschooling in Whatcom County
is our freedom protected by law, our commitment to our children, and the resources readily available in our communities.

Is it any wonder that home-schooling is flourishing in Whatcom County?  National studies document the fact that,
         Spring Variety Show
     and Homeschool Displays
   Singing, dancing, instrumentals, recitations, and
   presentations of all kinds - something for everyone. 
That is the Spring Variety Show, and you can be part of it!   You can also display some of your homeschool work for
  family and friends to see.  Email us now to participate:
whatcomhomeschool@comcast.net    The program will be
         May 10, 6:45 PM, at Kulshan Middle School